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Clint Dempsey probably won't face punishment for ripping off patch

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So, you're free to laugh at it now.

Getting ready to rip.
Getting ready to rip.
Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

Clint Dempsey is hardly new to CONCACAF referees, having played dozens of games with them during his time with the United States national team. But Tuesday's match was the first time he'd actually played in the CONCACAF Champions League.

As has become par for the course, Guatemalan Oscar Reyna was a bit uneven. He whistled Club America for 28 fouls and the Sounders for 12, yet gave two yellows to both teams. The Sounders' second yellow was for dissent, when Andreas Ivanschitz was likely pleading for some action to be taken when a Club America player kicked away a dead ball in stoppage time.

Seeing Ivanschitz punished -- and having himself been fouled six previous times without a card being shown for any infraction -- Dempsey showed his own frustration, ripping off his CCL patch and tossing it to the ground.

The moment was captured by Associated Press photographer Ted Warren:

The TV coverage didn't shed any extra light on the incident, but it does show him tossing it away:

At this point, you're probably of two minds: On one hand, you're probably laughing to yourself thinking "Oh, Deuce..." and on the other you're thinking, "Uh, is he going to get in trouble for that?"

Well, we have good news. There's nothing in the laws of the game about defacing your own uniform in this way. There's also nothing in the CONCACAF rules that deal with something like this. A referee could, of course, interpret this as a yellow-card worthy form of dissent, but that did not happen here.

In other words, Dempsey is most likely in no danger of getting some kind of retroactive punishment akin to what he received in the infamous Red Card Wedding.