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The best Seattle soccer jerseys are actually in Tacoma

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Their new shirts happen to be absolute fire.

The Tacoma Stars may be playing a very distant second fiddle to the Seattle Sounders when it comes to soccer awareness in the Puget Sound, but they do a lot right. Their kits, which are throwbacks to their heyday, have always been on point. But they went ahead and outdid themselves with these special beauties.

You may not automatically think of the Tacoma skyline as especially pretty, but when you pick and choose the most attractive elements like they did here with Mt. Rainier, the courthouse, the Narrows Bridge and the Tacoma Dome it looks absolutely gorgeous. Toss in the multicolored sash and all of sudden you've got one of the most attractive soccer shirts in North America.

Oh, and just for good measure these are being auctioned off to help benefit a Stars fan who's fighting cancer.