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Levy interviews Tacoma Stars midfielder Joseph Cairel

Cairel discusses his experience playing in Brazil and his relationship with his father

Joseph Cairel was one of many new faces to sign with the Tacoma Stars for the 2015/16 MASL season. Head coach/GM Darren Sawatzky took note of Cairel's work rate with Burlingame Dragons in PDL when Sawatzky's Sounders U23 side faced Cairel's side in the 2015 PDL playoffs. When he signed with the Stars in September, he expressed his desire to "bring something new to the team".

What he has brought to the team is exceptional pace and skill on the ball, both of which he put on display on multiple occasions in last week's 8-7 win over the San Diego Sockers. In this interview with Levy Films, Cairel talks about how his experience playing in Brazil, although difficult at first, helped develop his technical skill on the ball.

In addition to his experience playing in Brazil as a teenager, he spent 2 seasons playing for Monterey Peninsula College in California, winning second team Junior College Division 3 All-West honors in 2014.

In the 2015/16 MASL season, Cairel has 6 goals and 6 assists in 15 games.