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2015 Player Profile #15: Chad Barrett

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Now with the San Jose Earthquakes, the much traveled forward's contributions helped Seattle to a couple trophies.

Mike Russell Foto

If there is one thing that no one will ever doubt in Chad Barrett's career is the effort he puts on the field. As a youth player he had strong prospects, now at age 30 the forward is tied for 33rd most goals in MLS history. He may not get the respect of an Espindola or Oduro, but he should.

Rank: 15 | Age: 30 | Starts: 11 | Appearances: 22 for 922 minutes | Bench: 21 | Goals: 6 | Assists: 0
all comps, 1st team


A bulldog, or maybe just a bull - Barrett knows where the goal is and whether playing from a wide position or up top he heads straight in that direction. Not a fancy passer, footwork can be poor. Great nose for goal. Can use head or feet to score. Willing to shoot under pressure. Will not shoot from range, prefers the contact in the box. In dead ball situations can be a good secondary target.

ssfc vs fcd 032815 - leo x barrett header

ssfc vs yvr 051615 - chad barrett goal 2


Always puts forth the effort to win the ball back. Good chaser of the ball, can force poor passes from backline or keeper. Can be beat by footwork, and doesn't read passing lanes well. Good on set-piece defense. Willing to clog lanes using shoulders and hips.


Where some players are small and play big Chad is big and plays bigger. If Seattle had a bash brother it was Chad. That he's on San Jose now is quite fitting for his style.

Best Case 2016:

First forward off the bench for an Earthquakes side that might be able to push into the Playoffs.