Lowe's Life with the Loons: 2/27/2016

Apologies because I missed the first 25 minutes of the game due to a mandatory ResLife workshop, so I have no clue how Lowe did for the first bit of the first half, in which he got the started and went the full 90 for the Loons in their 3-1 loss to VWFC.

As soon as I turned it on however, Damion was chasing down Octavio Rivero and, even though he slipped a little in the box, was able to box Rivero out and earn a goal kick in the 25th minute. In the 29th minute he cleared out a cross with his head, which went straight to a Whitecap who got fouled by Speas. The ensuing free kick from Techera was saved by Ndjock but Rivero knocked in the rebound. In the 35th minute, Lowe shut down Rivero in a 1v1 at the top of the box and forced him to pass into an area the had more coverage from the Loons. There was a dubious penalty in the 40th to the Whitecaps after Jordan Harvey was toppled over(not by Lowe) trying to regain his balance by the bottom corner of the box.

Lowe whiffed on a headed clearance in midfield and had to hustle back for position in the 36th.

In the 49th minute, after Minnesota got a foul from Kevin kicking Balanos(????) Damion Lowe slid in on a 50/50 ball with Ousted, who missed, and knocked it straight into the net for Minnesota's first goal of the match. He followed this up with a great headed clearance in the defensive box 45 seconds after the restart. Another cross was cleaned up in the 56th, followed by some great coverage on Blah Perez. Yet again in the 58th, he knocked out a cross and gave it to Ritter to start a break which resulted in a Minnesota throw.

In a crazy corner kick scuffle at the hour mark, Lowe nearly threw down with Waston after Waston said something to him and had to be sepearated by Anor, Thiago Calvano and the ref, which didn't stop Waston from shoving Lowe in the gut once more.

In the 69th minute he blocked a shot from Manneh out for corner which was punched to safety by Sammy Ndjock, who by the way is actually a pretty good keeper. After a while of Minnesota controlling the game, a Whitecap made a run in and juked out Lowe, but Lowe recovered quickly and muscled the hoser off the ball to snuff out the chance. In the 78th minute Lowe caught a play-on call from the ref that nobody else did, springing the Loons for another counter. A few minutes later in the 81st he made a couple of great interceptions to stop promising Vancouver chances. In the 85th he skirted Rivero, who was trying to corral a ball proceeding to pick his pocket to start another unsuccessful attack for the Loons.

So to sum up Damion Lowe's trial: He has played defense on a team that finished the 3 game tournament with a -10 GD, but he is onyl really at fault for 1 and kind of has partial responsibility for another. However, when he was playing the GD was only -4 and he did in fact, score Minnesota United's only goal of the Simple Invitational off of a corner kick.

When matched up with MLS attackers not named Jack Mac, he looked pretty well and seemed confident passing out of the back. If Minnesota does not attempt to sign him, loan or transfer, they're crazy, and Seattle, if they choose to keep him, will have someone who can fill the shoes of Brad Evans as a versatile defender capable of playing as a right back or a distributing centerback.

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