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Major Link Soccer: Howard-Rapids happening?

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The drama may finally be over, and the Sounders have their work cut out for them at Estadio Azteca.

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You're probably not visiting Estadio Azteca Wednesday evening to see the Seattle Sounders face Club America, but  check out the Trip Advisor page to see what the club (and supporters) are in for. As a reminder, Mexico City sits over 7,000 feet above sea level (higher than Denver) and has some of the dirtiest air in the world. Perhaps not the ideal conditions for a club that isn't 100% match fit yet.

One local startup is making a business out of awesome pencil sketches of Seattle athletes.


When rumors of Tim Howard signing with the Colorado Rapids first surfaced this off-season, reactions were mixed between those who didn't believe it because the Rapids wouldn't make such a worthless move, and those who did believe it because the Rapids HAD TO make such a worthless move. That later group appears to be in the right with multiple outlets reporting the deal is done.

FC Dallas inked a new TV deal, but it's not perfect for everyone. Dallas is one of the few MLS teams without guaranteed TV slots for every match.

JJ Koval is on the market after the San Jose Earthquakes waived him in preparation for the March 1 roster deadline.

It won't match last year's expansion opener, but Orlando City is expecting over 43,000 in attendance for their March 7 match vs Real Salt Lake.

With all the attention Minnesota United has received this off-season, it almost seems like they're mere days away from moving in and crashing on the MLS couch. The squad lost their Portland finale 3-2 to Vancouver Whitecaps but were encouraged by a strong performance and rueful of three goals they attribute to referee error. Damion Lowe is still with the club, and SounderTX continues to follow his progress.


There's a new president, and they have a big job fixing the mess the last one left.

At least Arlo White isn't going anywhere: The former Sounders broadcaster re-upped with NBC to continue calling the English Premier League for the next six years. Rebecca Lowe was re-signed as well.

Manchester City's money won again this weekend, taking home the Capital One Cup thanks to a penalty shootout victory.