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Hay Fe: There is hope

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This post is written by someone who job shadowed Sounder at Heart recently. They are not giving up hope. Neither should you.

Mike Russell Foto

The Seattle Sounders are a resilient team. The trip down to Azteca will be one of the hardest tests for the squad after they gave up two critical away goals. Saying that the Sounders have a tough game ahead of them is an understatement even to the most positive of people. For a normal team, having to get the kind of result the Sounders need would be quite impossible.

This being said, the Seattle Sounders are not a normal team. The Sounders are not a LA Galaxy, nor are they a NYCFC. They are a unique team, comprised of players that are selfless and committed to each other. These are the qualities that must be taken down to an unfriendly Azteca for the team to succeed. The game will be long and grueling, but for the ever-resilient Sounders, it is nothing to fret. The boys will dust themselves off from the 2-2 draw, get back to training and be prepared to absolutely kill it in the mouth of Mexico.

We've seen this resilience on the pitch time and time again. Whether it was the summer slump of 2015, or losing key players to international duty at inopportune times, the Sounders always rebound better than ever. They knit back together and keep going. I'm not sure what more you could want from a sports team in those types of situations, but the Seattle Sounders will end up delivering. It's on and off the field. It's the take charge attitude from the veterans and the never ending work ethic from the young guys. This resilience is manifested through individuals and their individual passion, but also through the team itself in their improved play. This game will be no different.

I'm not saying this match will be a walk in the park or like playing the late Chivas USA, but the boys have our backs. Our hearts and dreams are in the good hands of Stef, protected by the crushing blows of Ozzie, and saved by the clutch goals almost guaranteed by Clint being on the field. Don't lose hope over giving up goals, missing a pass, or making a bad clearance.

The second leg against Club America is not a game to dread, it's a match-up deserved of a constant countdown and building adrenaline. It's a priceless chance to go down to Estadio Azteca and show Club America, in all their yellow and red, what being a Seattle Sounder means. It's time to show the rest of the world what being a Sounder is all about. After all, if the team plays the way they are capable, a true showing of Sounders soccer, we will all be partying through the night onto the semifinals of CCL, and nothing will bring us down.