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U.S. Soccer unveils new crest through virtual reality video

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U.S. Soccer officially unveiled a new crest today. The crest itself is, frankly, pretty boring. It's certainly not bad, but it's not particularly ambitious and look a lot like the logos Nike has used for various Olympic teams. It doesn't feature clip art, though, so in that sense it has to be considered an improvement.

But considering this was a crest 20 years in the making and reportedly was given a budget in the "seven figures", the design itself leaves a bit to be desired (oh, and it bears a striking resemblance to a logo used by a youth baseball league). Without getting into design quibbles, though, let's talk about how the world discovered it.

Whatever creativity was lacking in the crest, was nearly made up for by the way they unveiled it. U.S. Soccer made sure select athletescelebritiesmedia members and fans received their scarves before the announcement was formally made. That allowed for a certain viral element to effectively act as the unveiling.

Beyond that, though, the packages containing the scarf were sent along with a Google Virtual Reality headset and directions to watch a YouTube video. Although you need to headset to get the full effect, you can still get the general gist of it by watching this on your computer or phone.

Yes, that's Brad Evans and Jordan Morris featured in the locker room scene and Morris is one of the eight voices who narrate the video, presumably representing the "future."