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Sounders vs. Portland Timbers, preseason recap: Another second half brace in loss

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Jack McInerney scored a second half brace to power the Timbers to a preseason win.

Though Darwin Jones opened the scoring in the match, the Seattle Sounders again fell due to a second half brace. The Portland Timbers got the win due to newly acquired Jack McInerney. Both goals he scored were not on Tyler Miller, who now sits with four goals given up in just two halves of play.

Portland regained their momentum when their reserves came on in the 67th minute. Prior to that, and with Darwin on the left side Seattle looked the stronger side in the second half. The Timbers dominated the first thirty minutes of the match.

Sigi Schmid did not play an Ideal XI to start the game, instead his starters mixed in with rotational players. Clint Dempsey did not play.

First half lineup;

That's only five regular starts. Five other guys are expected to be rotational players and then there is Nathan Sturgis, who just may have earned himself a job. Facing the MLS Cup Champions with a reduced strength Seattle in their new 4-3-3 Sturgis looked good enough to be on the squad.

Early the Open Cup quality backline absorbed pressure and it took about 30 minutes until Seattle looked like the attacking power it should be in 2016.

Second half was a lineshift

Four expected first eleven guys with a strong S2 flavor up top. Chen, Mathers and Samuel are playing for a roster spot. Despite former Captains Scott and Alonso being on the field, it was Andreas Ivanschitz that wore the armband.

Darwin Jones out wide looks quite strong. He scored another goal, this time there was no need to credit an assist. He created his own shot.

Oalex Anderson came on with about twenty minutes to play. It was his first action in preseason as he'd been slightly injured to this point.

To: Timbers Army
From: Me, someone you should ignore
Subject: Your tifo

Some people didn't like your Star (15) tifo. Screw them. Your club earned that trophy. Fly that Star (15) every single match. I dream of the day I can be insufferable too. Maybe I am now, but at some point in the future I'm going to fly a Star (16, or 17, or whatever). I also recognize you don't need or want a Sounders fans' permission to do anything.