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With Super Bowl over, Seattle pro sports resets - Sounders on the clock

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Denver won the Super Bowl and the Seattle pro sports scene gathers. wondering when will it be us again.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This Super Bowl was a bit odd for Seattle sports fans. It didn't feature the Seattle Seahawks, and we've gotten a bit used to being there. Plus, there was the presence of the winners, the Denver Broncos, a former AFC rival and the Carolina Panthers, one of the rare NFC teams that can claim to be near the 'Hawks level within the conference. Since the NBA stole our team and the NHL has ignored us for decades our "pro sports year" is over.

In 2015 the Seahawks were a playoff team; the Mariners missed the postseason again; the Storm failed to make the second season; the Sounders made the playoffs and failed; the Reign fell short in the Final. In top flight pro sports for 2015 the Puget Sound failed.

It's time to reset.

This is preseason. This is when the foundation of a Championship is built. If there is going to be another parade through downtown Seattle the Sounders start first, and end nearly last. The roster was rebuilt. It's quite different on the fringes, but the core is still true.

We are merely two weeks away from competitive soccer. The Sounders have the chance to compete to be the best team in all of CONCACAF. Their season will end after the Mariners fail (it pains me to expect that). The season will end after the Reign and Storm possibly win. But there are a lot of trophies to contest in Seattle and I want one.

Here in Seattle our chance to join the Denver Broncos, FC Kansas City, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Lynx, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Blackhawks and the damned Portland Timbers starts now.

Our season and chances rest on Sigi Schmid, Clint Dempsey, Obafemi Martins, Jordan Morris, Osvaldo Alonso, Brad Evans, Stefan Frei, Chad Marshall, Roman Torres, Erik Friberg and so many more.

I want another parade. I want to be chilled to the bones and have the fires of CenturyLink Field warm me. I want a trophy and a star. I want the eyes of America looking to the upper left, staring at my city and thinking "that's who we want to be."

Luck will be involved. Brilliance will be involved. Seattle will be involved. And just maybe a trophy will be in our hands again. It's time.