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Major Link Soccer: MLS testing replay

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And there's a surprising amount of soccer-Super Bowl Commercial overlap.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports


Reports indicate that MLS will be testing replay technology this year, with implementation in the USL potentially for Major League implementation in 2017.

The USL is coming to San Antonio, and their new crest is obviously inspired by another Texas professional team. The San Antonio Spurs, of course, will own and operate this team as well.

There's a ton of jersey info coming out: DC United had their official jersey officially released last week, officially getting DC's official motto wrong. People who buy the messed up jerseys will have them replaced for free when the right prints are manufactured.

The white plague continues to absorb more of MLS, now infecting Orlando City.

Sporting Kansas City has a new kit that's so nice they bought a Super Bowl commercial to show it off.

When Atlanta's new MLS team begins play next year, it won't be at either the brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium or the soon-to-be-demolished Georgia Dome.

Burgundy Wave won their bet.

The Seattle Sounders stole Real Salt Lake's General Manager, so Salt Lake stole the idea of Seattle's Alliance Council.


Jaime Vardy has Leicester City in first place with but a third of the season to go, and has been rewarded with a new three year contract and a big pay raise.

The away support in Cascadia is impressive, but Germany's biggest clubs show there's still some catching up to do.

It won't be long before Fernando Torres is out of contract; would he be willing to take the big step down to the NASL?

Taco Bell is marketing its new diarrhea-inducing product as "bigger than Neymar," which is a slightly more blatant lie than Peyton Manning claiming he'll be downing some Budweiser after limping his way to a Super Bowl victory.

Last Super Bowl Commercial story (probably): Abby Wambach joined Serena Williams and a guy who I think is Randy Johnson selling a "gay" car (among other things).