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Let's savor Darwin Jones' goal a little longer

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Darwin Jones is off to a great start this preseason, flashing some form that suggests his second year will be a marked improvement over his first. And while you never want to read too much into preseason performances, his goal against the Portland Timbers on Saturday is worth another look.

Running at his old college teammate Taylor Peay -- who it should be said was playing pretty well down the stretch last year -- Jones had his way. First, he shows just enough of his left to turn Peay slightly. Then he turns on the jets to make a quick touch into the box and create some separation. Jones sets his feet perfectly and his next touch is a blast inside the near post.

Sure, you can critique the goalkeeper for getting beat near post with virtually no angle, but it's not like Jones' shot had much room for error. That's a quality goal no matter how you slice it.

As if the goal wasn't enough in and of itself, Jones gives supporters' everywhere the vapors by kissing the badge, touching it and then kissing it again. A true Sounder at Heart, that one.