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2015 Player Profile #18: Leonardo González Arce

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Midseason in 2009 Leo joined a squad that didn't have an identity at left back. Over the next five years he changed that, until health reduced his playing time.

Mike Russell Foto

Leo Gonzalez is once and always a Sounder.

Rank: 18 | Age: 35 | Starts: 11 | Appearances: 19 for 921 minutes | Bench: 17 | Goals: 1 | Assists: 0
all comps, 1st team


Now mostly a stay-at-home left back it was of course the year that Leo scored.

Still a decent crosser, he lacks the speed to get forward too often. Strong understanding of space, probably the best among Seattle's outside backs. On set-pieces he should pick up scrap and put it back into the mixer.


By 2016 Gonzalez was a strong stand-up defender who used the endline and toucline as defensive help. He is a master of marshaling an attacking player into places without opportunity. Can be beaten by speed, but is wise and reads space quite well. Can occupy many roles in set-piece situations.


Leo's body wore out. He no longer had the speed that was a part of his game in his early years here. He is solid, and unlike flashier options at fullback will use his body mass to manage his opponent. Not a good leaper.

Best Case 2016:

With his original club Gonzalez could earn a spot back in the CONCACAF Champions League. He has the opportunity to remind home that it is possible to go there and back again.

Bye Leo, I'll miss you.

Leo Gonzalez shakes the tacos out of Cubo Torres