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Watch Seattle Sounders vs. Celaya FC, preseason 2016: Time, schedule and live stream

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At this time Celaya FC is Seattle's only Mexican opponent. This second division team will probably only send a few of its starters. The Sounders have some experience playing teams from south of the border, but it's been several months and they only get in a couple games a year.

This match is all about getting ready for Club America, a match that is just two weeks out. It's still early in the preseason. Brad Evans may not start. Jordan Morris likely to play only a handful of minutes. It's still preseason, so this is a chance to work on ways to address fullbacks that flair forward at different times, to focus on teams that use on-ball technique more than kick-and-run or the passing techniques of MLS' mostly American players.

Keys to Game:

  • Don't get hurt
  • Lowe v Ockford for the 4th CB role
  • Sounders approach to a Mexican team
  • A couple of minutes of Morris

How to Watch

Match date/time: 6 PM Pacific on 9 February 2016
Venue: North Stadium, Kino Sports Complex, Tucson, Arizona
Online: MLS YouTube (Rhodes - Tucson)

How I'm watching

Kit: You will hear us t-shirt
Scarf: Enemy's Goal Is Down
Where: Home

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