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Raining over Cascadia

Robert Sumner/Getty Images

We are born of sea and sky
We are carved from peaks and pine

A Salish Sea engulfs our hearts
Souls contained by rims of fire

There are calming rains overhead
While massive beasts rage below

Navigating waters deep green
Finding shores wholesome and proud

Surrounded by hop-vined vales
Green conifers climbing hills

Land from Whistler to Klamath
Waters flow from Columbia

Snow covered in Summer
Ranges of mountains stand ready

A united culture stretches
Across borders that divide

First Nations found our homeland
New nations joining daily

Seattle centers Cascadia
Reigning and holding our Cup

From Brougham to King
Echoes thunderous voices

Dry side to peninsula
Arrive generations strong

This is our Sound
You will hear us in your sleep
You will hear us from the deep

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