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Major Link Soccer: Herculez Gomez released

Can the Seattle Sounders pull off the mile high miracle and leave Mexico City with a victory tonight?

Miguel Tovar/Getty Images


Win and the Seattle Sounders go on. All it takes is playing in one of the most prestigious stadiums in the world. Estadio Azteca is 7,349 feet above sea level and boasting a capacity of 115,000 fans. Some players have described playing in that  type of environment is "like playing with a plastic bag on your head."

The Seattle Sounders have won in Mexico before, as a matter of fact they were the first American team to do so in CONCACAF and that should give them plenty of confidence. There was another American team that nearly pulled off the upset over twenty years ago.

One blog has picked the Seattle Sounders to finish the season holding MLS Cup.

Tonight the old Seattle Sounders commercial might come in handy. "Red and white. Black and blue  Ohhh the Sounders, coming at you."

Major League Soccer

Lee Nguyen has taken the long road to New England via Holland, Denmark, and Vietnam. It's a good thing he did because now Nguyen's travels are starting to pay dividends for the USA.

Michael Bradley is another player who had a well traveled road before arriving for his second stint in MLS. Well before he was a pro Bradley was doing laundry, cleaning boots, and following players around trying to learn as much as possible.

New York City FC manager Patrick Vieira hasn't coached a league game yet in MLS, but says the unique challenges presented in the USA makes coaching in Major League Soccer more difficult than in Europe.

Eddie Murphy said it best, Herculez Herculez Herculez is gone. The former Sounder was released by Toronto on Tuesday.

U.S. Soccer

Now that there is a new FIFA President US Soccer is feeling confident that just maybe the 250th birthday of the red, white, and blue in 2026 will also kick off the World Cup.

Hugo Perez was one of the best players of his generation, now his nephew is trying to prove the same. Joshua Perez is starting his career off in Italy with Fiorentina.

Nike and U.S. Soccer have had various contract agreements since 1995, a year after the Adidas World Cup denim kit, simultaneously the ugliest and best kit the United States has ever worn.

How many people remember the own goal by Colombia, the penalty miss by Baggio, or the 17-year old Ronaldo who watched from the Brazilian bench and later would be a world star? The 1994 World Cup left the USA wanting more soccer.

USWNT player and 2015 World Cup winner Julie Johnston got engaged to an NFL tight end. Johnston and Philadelphia Eagles' tight end Zach Ertz met while both attending a Stanford baseball game.

World Soccer

In England over the weekend, turnabout was not fair play.  The same can be said about how China spent millions in the last month acquiring some of the best talent world soccer has to offer, including a Seattle favorite Fredy Montero.

Real Madrid star  clocked going 124mph in his Audi R8, James Rodriguez has been fined $11k for refusing to stop for police. Rodriguez stated he was in fear of being kidnapped.

Goals of the week: Messi Magic, Dutch Skill, and a Volley that will thrill