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Infallible Mark Geiger stands by both penalty calls

Mark Geiger had a nightmare game on Saturday. Of that, there's little debate. Even if you understand why he may have called the first penalty and can even grudgingly accept that the second wasn't an awful call, there are plenty of other calls that are simply too mind-boggling to accept without pulling your hair out in frustration.

But one of Geiger's personality "quirks" is an undying belief in his own infallibility, or at least that's the obvious conclusion after he apparently talked to Sounders TV announcer Keith Costigan.

That Geiger isn't willing to admit any level of fault on either call is probably not surprising, but that he's insisting that he "saw contact" on the first when the most sympathetic view of the replay shows some slight, inconsequential contact is frustrating. We can only hope PRO sees through this ridiculousness and doles out a proper punishment.

Unfortunately, it appear as though Costigan didn't ask Geiger about any of these incidents:

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