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Major Link Soccer: Want Zlatan? How about $83 million?

Yeah, he's not coming to MLS. Big changes may be coming to the Champions League. The Miami Beckhams finally own land.

Alex Morton/Getty Images


Who are the top 50 male youth players from Washington of all time? That's a tough one, but you can vote for your top 10, and the results will be updated regularly as votes come in. Yes, the current list is littered with names you'll recognize.

The Sounders signed one Hérculez Gomez yesterday, and he had a lot to say -- bonus for you at the video link if you can understand Spanish.


New York Red Bulls midfielder Felipe is starting up quite a nice season for himself, and he has been name SB Nation's MLS Player of the Week, over runner-up C.J. Sapong.

There will be no Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Atlanta, nor any MLS city. It's not happening, certainly if a reported offer of €75 million from the Chinese Super League is accurate.

David Beckham's group finally owns a piece of land near downtown Miami. Wow. We never thought the day would come. They are "all in on Overtown" (after being all in on several other locations before that).

Former Columbus Crew mainstay Eddie Gaven has landed coaching gig with Ave Maria University in Florida.


Chad Murphy is doing some advanced analysis of the 2015 NWSL season, which means he is recording a lot of data by hand. Currently you can check out data on the effect of defensive pressure on the shooter on xG.


As the USL season kicks off, Sacramento Republic faces S2 tonight. But this isn't the same team as last year. Preki is gone as coach, and so are many major contributors on the field. One new player is former San Jose Earthquake J.J. Koval.

Based on past results, Sounders 2 should be happy to end the match with 11 players on the field.

US Soccer

Nike, at least in the instance of US Soccer jerseys, seems to have heard the message that not everyone wants a plunging, non-soccer-jersey-like neckline on the women's version. A tweet went out stating that a version with a different neckline would be available "at a later date."

USMNT striker Aron Johannsson has dealt with several lingering injuries, and recently underwent surgery. Werder Bremen's CEO has stated the AJ is ruled out for the remainder of the Bundesliga season.


Israeli soccer players and fans have to weigh their faith and observation of the Sabbath against their jobs as players or their fandom.

Do referees give dark-skinned players more red cards? Although only this one example in this feature on FiveThirtyEight is soccer-related, it's a great read on how hard it is to do science. Or, more specifically, how the results of one study on a subject don't mean much, and studies should be replicated by multiple teams before any conclusions are made on them.

Manchester United fans may face sanctions after all for their chants referencing the Hillsborough disaster during a Liverpool match.

Huge changes may be coming in the format of the UEFA Champions League, though they wouldn't be coming until the 2018-2019 season.

R.I.P. Dutch legend Johan Cruyff, he "died peacefully in Barcelona, surrounded by his family, after a hard-fought battle with cancer."

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