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Sigi Schmid hints at scouting trip during weekend off

The Sounders' head coach admits to attending a live match over the weekend, but declines to name a specific match

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Since they had the weekend off, Seattle Sounders players who weren't on international duty were given a bit of a mini-vacation and returned to training Tuesday for the first time since Friday. Head coach Sigi Schmid said it was good for the players, and the day was spent mainly getting those players back into their routine. "Everybody was able to get away a little bit, so today was just getting back into the rhythm a little bit. Not overly hard, let everybody get their legs back under them." Schmid had some comments on a few topics, but there weren't too many concrete updates regarding this weekend's match against the Montreal Impact.

On what he did with his weekend off:

"We went away for a couple days, so I got away but I watched a game while I was away. I didn't watch our (USMNT) game, I watched a game live. Always gotta combine soccer and vacations. I can't say which match. I would be held accountable and it would give away where I went. I don't wanna do that."

Regarding Mears' green card:

"It's good, it opens up a foreign player spot for us as we move forward with our decisions, obviously as we're looking at players. It means that that is an easier possibility for us. Torres is on IR, so technically we have three foreign player spots open until he is back." Mears himself said he was "really happy" about getting the green card, "I really like living in America, especially in Seattle. I definitely see a future here. So I was really, really happy with it."

On captain Brad Evansreturn to training today:

Says that Evans "did alright. I know he's a little frustrated today, with his game more so than anything. It's been awhile since he went through full training. We played him in training as a regular player, not as a neutral (non-contact). Randy (Noteboom) set up some "Marine Corps obstacle course for him to work through. He looked okay with that. I don't know how many bear crawls he's gonna have to do in the game, hopefully not too many. We'll see if he returns this weekend, today was the first heavier day for him, so a lot depends on how he feels in the next few days."

On when the players on international duty will return to training:

International players "fly back in on Wednesday, won't be in training that day. On Thursday, we'll play it by ear. See how everybody does today, make sure nobody picks up any injuries, see how many minutes they play. That'll determine what we're gonna do for the weekend."

Regarding USMNT's current woes:

"Let's not be Chicken Little, saying the sky is falling. I think we're very quick to do that. Things are going to happen, streaks come to an end. The streak with Guatemala came to an end. We're a team that should qualify for the World Cup, we should get out of this group into the hex. I think the response tonight will be good."

Regarding Herculez Gomez's fitness:

"He's ready to pick up some minutes. He's not a 90-minute guy at this stage, but he's ready to pick up some minutes."

On Erik Friberg's injury:

Friberg is "getting better, made some progress. Today we wanted to step back. When you come back off an injury like his, dealing with the MCL, it's always a step process: you step up, then you plateau, then you step up again. So he's on the plateau stage right now, so we'll see how he does the rest of the week."

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