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Major Link Soccer: Regular Season Primer

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Get your last minute reading in before league parity clouds everything.

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports


As we head towards first kick, here is a quick reminder on how to "Sounders" good, or the literal game changing news that Kraken Congee is opening up a food stand in CenturyLink Field.


In a season full of teams vying to prove themselves, Sports Illustrated to a gauge of who is coming into the upcoming season with the highest ambitions.

Previewing the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference is a tall task, but the general outlook remains the same: those who are perceived as favorites are seen as clear cut; and those on the outside looking in have the talent to at the very least throw a wrench into any perceived title run.

Jack Barmby is officially on the move from Leicester to the Rose City.

This video is a friendly reminder that even those in the league can get lost in the thick MLS Glossary, although Garth sure gives it his best shot.

A fascinating look at how to quantitatively measure aerial success across the MLS features some fascinating insights on header efficiencies.

The World:

The Bundesliga's move to basic cable show's Fox is ready to give the German league a bigger stage in America.

No good news can be gleaned from the financial reports Serie A released from last season.

Be sure to learn about the origin of the red and yellow cards in this video before someone angrily rips it up.