Sounders FC Crest redesign

Alright, you chuckleheads. Here we go.

The Crest Elements

  • An anchor for Seattle’s maritime history
  • Sky! (of blue)
  • Sea! (of green)
  • The Mountain is Out
  • Born in ‘74

Yes, I killed the Space Needle. I wanted something that could be "Seattle!" without resorting to conjuring that stoic skyline-defining feature overused everywhere.

Full disclosure: I don’t mind the current render of the Needle; it’s actually quite nice.

Some mock ups on recent/current kits:

Pacific Blue

New Sounders FC crest on Pacific Blue

Rave Green

On Rave Green

Olympic White

On Olympic White

And because I like Pitch Black Nuclear Orca...

On Pitch Black On Pitch  Black

On a website


Thanks for viewing, all (constructive) criticism is welcome!


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