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Major Link Soccer: Thursday, must be a Serie A firing

Serie A fires coaches like it rains in Seattle, oh and Kobe Bryant retired.

Rob Carr/Getty Images


It's confirmed, Nigel de Jong will be suspended for his tackle but we still do not know for how long it'll be. Oh and the man that gave the yellow, Allen Chapman, will not be on the field this week.

Sporting Kansas City, better known as the KC Wizards, are finally accepting their past bringing back some "beautiful" jerseys.

MLS is really trying to get better at reffing, they really are but it just isn't that easy to do it turns out.

Champions League

Manuel Neuer continues to change the game in terms of how to play keeper transforming what it means to be a sweeper keeper but against Benfica he kind of...well just watch him miss widely.


When you get relegated it isn't all about the players that are leaving, Aston Villa will be letting staff go too.

Leicester City has plenty of players up for the PFA Player of the Year but Jamie Vardy's story won't be over then, it may be in a theater near you. I promise it'll be better than United Passions.

When you become a new title contender, people start to notice, Leicester City is getting them a following in Thailand where they may have the Power to be King.

As anti-Klinsmann sentiment has grown among some sections of USMNT fans, it may be good to know that he's in demand at least for one Merseyside club (hint it is not the one with Jurgen Klopp).

Middlesbrough FC scored a goal that is better suited for a pinball graphic but it might be the goal that secures their Premier League promotion and payday.


The Premier League goes through plenty of coaches in a season, as do many American sports, but it's getting excessive as Palermo is trying a 10th coach this season. Good news, you may qualify when they go to the inevitable coach 11.

Meanwhile, AC Milan fired their manager and promoted their youth team coach. This is the 5th coach in two years because....Serie A?


The United States will not be alone bidding for the 2026 World Cup but their biggest rival is stepping up to challenge them for it.

Turns out corruption did happen in FIFA at least former executive Alfredo Hawit is admitting he took "a little" money, I know a big shocker.

To curb the run of three straight corrupt CONCACAF presidents, they are taking the integrity part seriously and by that I mean actually checking it. The race for president is now down to two with Gordon Derrick failing his test.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe played his final game of a truly magical career playing all 20 years with the Lakers. His final match was a sight to see and while the self-claimed AC Milan and FC Barcelona fan does not own any part of a team like former teammate, Steve Nash, soccer was key to his success on the basketball court. I'm sure this is not the last time we'll see his name tied to soccer as he moves into his post-basketball life. #BlackMamba

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