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This Week In Sounders GIFs: Jordan Morris, Dad Goals, and much more

Likkit has the week off as he on vacation and spending time with the family (how dare he). This week, I am the GIFs.

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

If you're a fan of good things, I have some news for you! The Sounders played one of their better games this past weekend (and by that I mean they didn't lose) and came away with three points against the Philadelphia Union. While Philly isn't a powerhouse, they're not near as bad as their previous reputation would suggest. CJ Sapong has played very well this season, so the boys in rave green had their work cut out for them.

Here we go:

Ahead of the match, Brad Evans (c) and Osvaldo Alonso were honored for making their 200th appearance for Seattle. Congrats, fellas!

Shortly after that, no more than a minute into the match, Ozzie Alonso took a little bit of friendly fire from Brad Evans. I think it's pretty clear Brad does NOT like to share the spotlight.

In addition to the Sounders playing a pretty good game, Jordan Morris had himself a memorable day. We'll get into that a lot more in a bit, but he made his presence felt from the get-go. Here, he makes a nice run down the right side but was unable to connect with a charging Clint Dempsey.

Jordan was just getting started, though. Although he was unable to finish, Morris showed great strength and footwork to get the ball. Check out that pass from Andreas Ivanschitz, too.

Let's see Jordan work for that ball in slow motion.

Not bad, kid.

Even before Ivanschitz sent the ball flying to Morris, Clint Dempsey kept his head on a swivel and — while on the ground — passed the ball to the Austrian midfielder to get things going.

That's right, Clint, keep it going.

I just wanted to point out that I loved this quick throw-in from Oalex Anderson. Clint Dempsey fights for the ball, earns the throw-in, and keeps on running. Oalex noticed this and got rid of the ball as fast as he could. Even though it didn't work out as they would have liked — thanks to the Union defender getting a foot on the ball — Seattle was able to win a corner.

As per weekly tradition, Ozzie took his shot-from-just-outside-the-box attempt in this match. This one was really close, though.

Two weeks ago, Oalex Anderson flashed some of that explosive speed but failed to connect with Jordan Morris (or anyone else for that matter). This week, he once again flashed that speed thanks to some great distribution from Stefan Frei, but Oalex tried to pass it a little too early this time. He'll get it right one of these days and we'll love him for it.

Resident Team Dad, Chad Marshall, can't stop scoring goals. Last week, he thrilled us with late equalizing goal to help the team steal a point in Houston. This week, he didn't bother waiting until the final minutes of the match.


Goals are fun, yeah?

I want to give credit where credit is due: Union keeper Andre Blake had an excellent game. He had some great saves and looks like the keeper Philadelphia has been looking for (after going through a million different keepers). Check out this save just before the half.


2nd Half

Tyrone Mears has had a kind of quiet season, but I loved this hustle (Grit? Oh wait, wrong sport) from him as he kicked in those afterburners and tracked back to make an excellent sliding challenge.

Earlier in the match, Union midfielder Roland Alberg fouled Cristian Roldan and earned himself a yellow. He must have really wanted that second card because shortly after the start of the 2nd half, he fouled Roldan yet again. If my math is correct, that equals a red card.

Yup, that's a red.

Alberg knows he made a huge mistake. (Cue "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen)

(Disclosure: Rain may or may not have been added for effect.)

Meanwhile, Ozzie Alonso keeps opposing players up at night because he might strike at any minute.

Nelson Valdez checked into the match and made some noise early Here, we see his shot sails just wide.

Valdez wasn't too happy about his attempt and, well, let's just say I had to clean it up a bit.

Everyone has been waiting for Jordan Morris to find the back of the net and score his first regular season goal in MLS. That finally came in the 71st minute. Ivanschitz with a wonderful pass, Morris with a wonderful finish. Let's take a look.

And the crowd goes wild...

Enjoy it, Jordan.

Real quick: How about that pass from Ivanschitz?

(I'm sharing this next one again because I love it so much.)

Vintage Ozzie.

Sounders had quite a few opportunities to score more goals in this match. This is a shot Herc usually makes, but it goes just wide.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this week's GIF post. See you next time.

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