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Up your millennial score with these Sounders in Snapchat filters

All the kids are using Snapchat. So we got Sounder at Heart's resident kid to use filters on Sounders players.

I know all of you have been wanting more than anything (other than 3 points) to spend a couple hours face-swapping and using Snapchat filters on Sounders players, so I did it for you (not gonna say I didn't thoroughly enjoy every minute). This is possibly the most millennial thing to appear on Sounder at Heart, so prepare yourself for the greatness that is "Sounderchat."

Brad and Chad might as well be Kovar's parents, but combining their faces certainly doesn't result in anything that looks like Kovar. I'm glad Kovar doesn't look like this, tbh.

Brad with Chad Face

Keep in mind that Jordan is just a rookie. He has a lot to learn, including not skipping neck day. You don't think neck day is a thing? Well, it is now.

Square Face Morris
If I said "most majestic Sounder," your first thought would obviously be Friberg. He is the perfect candidate for the flower crown, so I have bequeathed it to him. He absolutely rocks it; 10/10 would flower crown again.

Flower Friberg

In case you needed more reasons to be excited for Roman's return, he looks absolutely adorable with the puppy filter. You can try to argue against it but you can't convince me. No one can. No one would want to argue with him either, because even with puppy ears Roman is still intimidating. #yikes

Torres with puppy ears

Sheriff Brad? Sheriff Brad.

Sheriff B Evans

Kovar doesn't have a cat. You know how this makes Kovar feel? Sad.

Sad Kovar

You thought I forgot about some special canines? Not a chance. Feast your eyes on the ever fabulous Coto.

coto 1

Rule of thumb: 2 fabulous faces do not always combine into something good.

coto with brad face

Sometimes Snapchat messes up, but it's okay because even the best of us make mistakes, like when I spent an hour playing with SounderChat and came up with this.

chad scary marshall

Now that your millennial score has skyrocketed, you can go spread the joy that is SounderChat. Call it community service and take a selfie as your reward.

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