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This Week In Sounders Gifs: Three > Zero

The Seattle Sounders FC defeated Montreal Impact 1-0 and what better way to revisit the match than through animated gifs.

"Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out."

Tip of the Old Hat to Jose Rivera for allowing us to use some of his fine gifs.

Game Recap

Aaron Kovar doesn't know much about it, but he blocks what could've been Nelson Valdez' first goal of the season:

Kovar tries to make up for his block with a long-distance strike of his own:

When Osvaldo Alonso realizes that there is only one slice of pizza left:

Nice to have Captain Brad Evans back:

Dominic Oduro burns B-Rad with his speed on this one, but Frei is quick to pounce:

Brad makes up for it later with some good sense and positioning to break up this play:

Ozzie got a fouled called on this. I don't see it:

But Ozzie is Ozzie, and he gets his in the end. Here he shuts down Ignacio Piatti in one swift motion:

Clint Dempsey looked really close to having another free kick go in:

Even if the offense hasn't been singing in tune, the defense has been pretty great. Look at Chad Marshall being an ultimate guardian:

We scored a goal! We scored a goal! Andreas Ivanschitz whips in the corner and Captain America basically wills the ball in:

Now it's all hands on deck to see this game out. Look at Tyrone Mears just selling it all:

A good tackle but perhaps a foul on the follow through. Glad that Toledo was letting it play. Certain referees might have geigered on that.

Clint is just being Clint:

Jose Rivera slows down the move for us. So pretty:

Oalex Anderson is a young man with a bright future. Completely torches the defense but then probably should look to pass this off to either Clint or Jordan Morris on the far right:

Jose goes split screen for Oalex:

Gif Basket

Dylan Remick had a solid shift - and then it all came crashing down:

Stefan Frei either telling his team to move up or he's doing a really bad version of "The Sprinkler Dance":

Osvaldo Alonso does not agree with you:


We had Busch-Face-dot-gif and now we have Bush-Face-dot-gif:

Jose captures evidence that Nelson Valdez is a ninja if you weren't aware:

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