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Authorities won't pursue charges in Marco Pappa-stabbing incident

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the whole "Marco Pappa got stabbed and his Miss Washington girlfriend may have been involved" story is about to die a relatively quiet death. The King County Prosecutor's Office told the Denver Post that charges won't be brought against former Miss Washington Stormy Keffeler in connection to a stabbing incident that left the former Sounders midfielder with a 2- to 3-inch knife wound that required surgery.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor's office explained that the case was "declined as legally insufficient," which likely means they were worried they couldn't meet the "burden of proof."

Although Keffeler changed her story to the police several times, there was a trail of blood in Pappa's apartment and stab marks on the walls, there apparently wasn't much evidence that directly pointed the finger at Keffeler. Pappa himself claimed he didn't remember what happened and never told police who stabbed him. That would have likely left prosecutors with a lot of work to do and little motivation to pursue charges.

The incident happened two days after Pappa had been traded from the Sounders to the Rapids. Despite missing most of the preseason, Pappa has been a key component of the Rapids' offense. He has scored one goal and helped contribute to their other two.

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