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This Week in Sounders Gifs featuring Jose Rivera & Likkit P: Scoring from run of play is cool!

Having the Sounders beat San Jose 2-0 is really great but watching Chris Wondolowski choke twice means everything in the world. Relive the wonder through our gifs.

The Seattle Sounders FC shutout San Jose Earthquakes 2-0 on goals by Clint Dempsey and Jordan Morris. Jordan tied the MLS rookie consecutive scoring record of 4 goals in 4 games while Clint picked up his second goal of the campaign. Chris Wondolowski brought much happiness to the CenturyLink Field crowd as caromed his penalty attempt off the post as the Sounders stopped the Quakes' consecutive match scoring streak at 21.

I was tempted to just post the Wondolowski PK miss about 10 times and call it good, but denying everyone Jose gifs would've been a bad call. So on to the gif recap:

First Half (aka the 45 minutes of boring Likkit gifs)

Joevin Jones was tearing up and down the left side in the first half. He put in a nice ball to Osvaldo Alonso for what could've been the first goal if not for a nice tip by David Bingham:

A nice interchange between Chad Marshall, Joevin Jones, and Clint Dempsey:

Aaron Kovar and Clint combine for an almost chance:

This is quite the cross-field ball from Chad Marshall to Tyrone Mears:

A nice flowing play between Erik Friberg, Dempsey, and Hercules Gomez:

Stefan Frei had another solid game so I'll just show a clip of him slipping:

Goal! Persistence pays off; Kovar keeps the play alive, Friberg makes a darting run in and finds Clint for the one time finish:

Erik celebrates the opening goal by calmly jogging behind the goal:

Friberg had some nice plays, including this ball over the top:

Wondolowski almost did it to us again in the first half. But instead of tying up the game 1-1, he choked. After a defense lapse by Seattle, Chris gets played in perfectly - only to flub his touch. So sad:

He was not happy about it:

He also swore a bit later in the match. I know that's Jose's half but I had to because it brings me so much joy:

I can't help myself sometimes. SECOND HALF SPOILER ALERT:

Second Half (aka the 45 minutes of awesome Jose gifs)

Oh, hello. Jose here. I will be our guide through the adventure that was the 2nd half of the match.

Let's pick things up in minute 52. Erik Friberg was an absolute beast in this match. He was all over the place. He was involved with Clint's goal in the 1st half, and here, he dishes a lovely pass that leads Jordan Morris into the box.

David Bingham really wants this goal kick back.

I mean, he REALLY wants it back...

Clint wasn't too happy about getting a foul called on him, so he took his frustration out on the ball. He was also able to summon the CSN logo in the process.

Side note: If the whole soccer thing doesn't pan out for Deuce, he can also look at the possibility of being a long snapper for the Seattle Seahawks.

Look, sometimes you need a little luck in sports for things to go your way. Sounders got some of that luck on this Simon Dawkins free kick. PHEW.

Here's some more from Erik Friberg with a nice little run into the box and winning a corner.

I made the case for Nelson Valdez moonlighting as a ninja after his kip-up from a few weeks ago, but he actually might be Donkey Kong instead.

I know Likkit already showed us Wondolowski's missed PK, but here's my version of it. First: MEARS, NOOOOOOO!

Hahahaha look at them. They are SO happy.


Let's look at that miss again.

Mmmmm that's good.

In addition to the goals, Jordan Morris has been nutmegging the hell out of everyone under the sun lately.

Speaking of Jordan Morris goals...

That's four goals in four games for Jordan Morris. That seems pretty good. Here's another look:

That's it for this week's GIF post. Hope you enjoyed it.

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