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Major Link Soccer: Deadline day was boring

Kei Kamara to Vancouver has not happened, yet.

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer

Just because there were no interesting trades yesterday doesn't mean something couldn't happen in the next few days.

"Don Garber: Liga MX is better than MLS right now" is not the title of an article from The Onion, but rather the title of an article based on real facts from real life.

Ignacio Piatti was named MLS Player of the Week for week 10. Either he's a good pick up for your fantasy team, or he's definitely a good pick up for your fantasy team, or I'm giving you bad advice so I can leapfrog a few spots in the SaH fantasy rankings.

It's been easy to forget that there are players not named Kei Kamara or Federico Higuain playing for the Crew in the past few days, but it's true, there indeed are other players on the Crew. One of those players is named Wil Trapp, and the way he plays may be very important to the USMNT in the coming years.

Are you interested in Zlatan? Of course you are. All human people want a Zlatan, and you are definitely a human person. Well according to a questionable tweet, Zlatan's discovery rights belong to the Philadelphia Union, who also posses the rights to John Terry, Christian Santos, and a few other players. The real surprise here, I'm sure we can all agree, is that Philly's discovery list isn't comprised entirely of goalkeepers.

Whitecaps forward Masato Kudo, who is playing his first year in MLS, was sent to the hospital yesterday after colliding with Chicago goalkeeper Matt Lampson. It's unclear what sort of injury Kudo sustained.

Blas Perez scored a bicycle kick in that same game. The fun starts at 3:08.

U.S. Soccer

What's wrong with American men's soccer? Well according to Real Madrid star Raul, it's that we don't have any soccer idols to worship. Of course, like anyone trying to explain why the USMNT hasn't won a World Cup in less than twenty words, he was pretty wrong.


In soccer, a disproportionate number of the positions of power are held by men. Coaches, heads of leagues, and trainers, whether we're talking about men on the field or women on the field, tend to be men. Chan Yuen-ting of Hong Kong's Eastern Sports Club, just beat a lot of those men by coaching her club to a title win in the Premier League.

Panama's current squad is almost beyond debate as the country's best ever team. But the golden generation is aging. Will Panama be able to put a cap on their achievements by making a late run into Copa America? Will they be able to do so without Roman Torres?

It's easy as a sports fan to think that our sports narratives are what deserve attention; that Leicester City deserve out fawning for coming from 1 in 5000 odds to winning the Premier League. I don't think there's anything wrong with fawning Leicester for going from small to big. But, I also think that when you focus on the sports narratives it can be easy to forget about the real life narratives, like that James Vardy did a racist thing and was barely punished for it. I don't think he'd have his job if he worked in any other industry, and a part of me feels dirty every time I hear people talking about how crazy Leicester's run this year was because of him. It feels strange celebrating a sports hero who is so far away from being a real life hero. Anyway, if you want to relive the day that Leicester won the title through the eyes of someone who was at the stadium, here you are.

If you like Mexican side Club America, good for you. They're a fun team. Also, they're planning on doing an annual preseason tour around the U.S., so you might get to see them play in person! Yay!

You may have heard about a recent DeAndre Yedlin pass which led to a goal which led to Sunderland avoiding relegation. What you may not have heard (if you don't pay too much attention to the Premier League, which may not be a fair assumption seeing as you're reading Sounder at Heart) is that that pass, and goal, and Sunderland win, meant that Newcastle United and Norwich City are the two teams who will be joining Aston Villa in the Championship next season. Newcastle have consistently held the third or fourth best attendance in the Premier League for the past few years.

The West Ham fans who attacked Manchester United's bus, coach, and goalkeeper, have been banned for life. No one was arrested in relation to the bus attack.

Bad news if you're a fan of those classic Adidas Chelsea jerseys: Adidas and Chelsea are separating. The two parties have agreed to terminate their contract after the current Premier League season. The contract was set to expire in 2023.

Soccer to Watch

3:30 p.m. Nacional vs. Boca Juniors (Fox Deportes)

6:30 p.m. Rosario Central vs. Atletico Nacional (Fox Deportes)

7:00 p.m. Guadalajara vs. Club America (Univision Deportes)

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