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This Week In Sounders Gifs featuring Jose Rivera: A successful #Hatweek

The Columbus Crew visited the Seattle Sounders FC and our gif power duo pump out the animated recap just for you.

Seattle Sounders FC defeated Columbus Crew SC 1-0 on a late Jordan Morris to seal the #hatweek victory for the home side. What is #hatweek, you say? It's obviously about hats. This week Jose Rivera and I are teaming up for a gif duo so incredibly powerful you won't believe your eyes. (We will work on that tagline, I promise.)

Gifs - minute 1 to minute 70 (aka where LP stopped giffing)

Jordan Morris was definitely impeded on his way to goal. A blatant leg stuck out to trip him up - to referee Guzman's credit it sure looks like he's about to whistle it but instead allows the play to go on.

Stefan Frei had another solid outing -- save for one big mistake (coming up). This kick save on Federico Higuaín's attempt is amazing:

Frei did almost give up his yearly howler fairly soon after this ninja kick. He mishits a clearance right to Higuaín with the goal basically wide open if not for quick positioning by Zach Scott Man Marker(tm):

How did this free kick not end up in flamethrowers shooting flames out of the goal posts?

Zach Scott made MLS team of the week honors. Well deserved after a stellar performance along the backline with plays like this:

Credit to the Crew GK Steve Clark - he kept us at bay many a time including a kick save of his own on this Joevin Jones drive:

Speaking of Jones - he had a rather nice cross in that Clint Dempsey almost got fully on the end of:

This week on our version of #InstantReplay - do you think the Sounders had a shout for a handball in the box? You be the judge:

It's all about wether or not you believe this is hand-to-ball or vice versa. For me I feel Trapp is purposely swinging his arm in order to block the ball so that's a PK shout for me.

Jordan Morris finally got the goal monkey off his back and he's looking so much more confident out there. Sooner or later most of these will end up in the back of the net:

Columbus had a really solid game and that made for a really entertaining match. This play was not one of them as the Crew failed on what should've been a very good chance. Credit Chad for limiting the passer's options and Mears not giving up on the play:

I am enjoying Classic Osvaldo Alonso:

Just had to make this gif of the Zach Scott Skid Mark:

Gifs - minute 70 to minute 90 (aka more Jose magic)

Oh, Hi. It's me, Jose. I will be our tour guide through the final 20 minutes of the match. This is where things get a little fun (because ya know, goalz and such).

Well, not a whole lot happened between the 70th and 83rd minute, that is, until Tyrone Mears made an excellent sliding challenge in the box.

Thing's really got going after Erik Friberg checked into the match. He helped to create some chances and delivered this fancy little backheel to Nelson Valdez (credit to Cristian Roldan for the nifty pass to Friberg).

Then, in the 88th minute, Jordan Morris did it again.

What's great about this goal is a few things: 1) The pass from Joevin Jones to Oalex Anderson is nice, 2) Oalex literally just checked into the match and was immediately involved, 3) Jordan Morris' confidence seems to be growing with each passing week, and 4) GOALZ.

I could get used to this.

Sounders escape with 3 points and everyone's happy. I mean, who doesn't love Zach Scott hugs?

Stefan Frei is pretty pumped up about the free pizza (obviously).

Winning is fun. Let's do that more often.

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