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Nerding Out: Creating the Jordan Morris character

One could look to fantasies to create a Jordan Morris, but that would short-change the man.

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I searched long and hard for fictional characters upon which to write some opus towards Jordan Morris. There was a poll after I narrowed down to four heroes of fantasy and science fiction. But that poll offered little guidance. There were ties. There were ties, because this Jordan Morris we see, he's real and he's unique. His story is ongoing, and clearly something special.

Reviewing my list of finalists, it was decent.

Wedge Antilles - There may be better characters from the Star Wars universe, but when thinking about Jordan in this universe I think of someone who is the second-best from their little backwater, yet still quite skilled. Wedge would go on to lead Rogue Squadron after that punk Skywalker left. There's a chance that Morris can do the same, now that Yedlin is overseas rather than stuck here.

Dink Meeker - Like Meeker, Jordan played with the idea of challenging himself further, but chose to stay in a place where he knew he could and would succeed. They are more concerned about the game than about honors. Like Dink, Jordan will eventually be thrown into the most challenging stage. If the Sounders are Battle School, a future World Cup is Command School, and the buggers are real.

Perrin Aybara - In the Wheel of Time, Perrin is the least likely of the male heroes. He is simple, oversized for his age. Slow to anger, when his might is unleashed he is among the mightiest of heroes, fitting of legends. The Lord of Two Rivers roams from Duwamish to the Fremont Cut. Betwixt them is his land and all who enter without permission are punished.

Cedric Diggory - There is no greater symbol of loyalty, patience, kindness and hard work than Jordan. Like Diggory, Morris is chosen for something greater, well-liked throughout the lands. Unlike Cedric, there is no Voldemort to destroy him, casting his soul aside like trash.

My fanfic could be confined to one of these characters. There could be more extensive metaphor and allegory, picking out moments in the fictitious life of the so-called Stanford Messi.

Jordan Morris is his own man, and I am a creator. So I turn to character creation that I know and understand. Using a narrative character creation system within Dungeons & Dragons, we will discover that young Jordan Morris is just starting on the path of a hero.

Growing up on Mercer Island, with a bit of privilege, our hero's home is Poverty Rock. He is Noble born, with an alliance between his house and house Hanauer that will be protected. He is strong, smart, wise and loved. There are minor health issues, but they are not troublesome.

STR:14 | DEX:12 | CON:11 | INT:15 | WIS:14 | CHA:14

As discussed above, he is loyal with a cause of righteousness and a life beyond the mundane -- a Paladin, for sure, a knight of Lushootseed, Rivers Black and Green. His devotion to a home born of sea and sky is known. The Ancients influence him. Those of the NASL, A-League, USL and MLS are his guides. He works diligently to earn and protect their honor. His sacred oath is to those before him, and those to come.

But he is still young, not yet firm in heroics, though capable. Much advancement is ahead of him. At this time he looks likely to leave his time as an apprentice. Let's say 4th level, about to be able to be the hero of a nation, not just a region.

This is the Jordan Morris before us. A man on the edge of legend, full of future and potential, but already soldiering through conflict.

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