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Sounders GM: Big names coming, but likely not until summer

Might this summer bring an even bigger bounty?
Might this summer bring an even bigger bounty?
Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

Depending on where you sit, the Seattle Sounders are either in desperate need of attacking talent or better off holding out for the perfect player, even if that means waiting until summer. A decent case can be made for either position, but it's looking like the Seattle Sounders may be more in the mind of waiting.

Although rumors have started to heat up about potential signings, the Sounders have mostly held firm that they are in no hurry to make a big signing. Speaking to KJR on Thursday, Sounders President of Soccer and General Manager Garth Lagerwey gave the strongest indication yet that new players are on the way but added a significant caveat.

"We're going to add a couple more big name players," Lagerwey said on the Chuck Powell Show, before adding "most likely in the summer transfer window."

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves with this quote, it should be noted that Lagerwey was talking to someone who spent far more time asking about the possibility of signing Leo Messi than he did about anything directly Sounders related. The quote about potential transfer was actually part of an answer about how good Jordan Morris was. There was no follow-up question. Lagerwey very well could have been simply offering up a nugget he thought would resonate with the host.

But if we take it at anything approaching face value, we can glean a little more than the potential timing. The idea of adding "big names" is probably relative, as it would probably be a stretch to suggest even last year's bounty was made up of players the average Sounders fan immediately recognized. Still, it suggests these are going to be additions meant to compete for starting spots, if not outright claim them, and that one of them will almost certainly be a Designated Player.

Either way, it gives us plenty of fodder for speculation. So have at it.

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