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Major Link Soccer: Catastrophe in Columbus

That title was not simply born of alliteration, I'll have you know. Had it been, Kamara's name would have shown up somewhere.

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This was the only week of worry about making it to the game with a closed viaduct; Alaskan Way has reopened ahead of schedule as Bertha has passed underneath without incident. Now if it can just get to solid ground, perhaps the project will finish this decade...


The Goat Parade, in honor of Mother's Day, took a look at the history of "soccer moms" as a descriptor and how their role and perception in MLS has changed.

Things haven't been quite right with last year's MLS Cup runners-up, especially now that in-fighting is making its way onto the pitch. With two goals, Columbus Crew's Kei Kamara would have been the presumptive taker of a 53' PK that Federico Higuain stole and took himself. Columbus later lost their three goal lead.

Toronto FC began anew on Saturday, with an expanded stadium and a buzz not felt since the early days of the Expansion Era club. But it wasn't a day of celebration for everyone, as it also means Toronto's sloppy roommate is also in the picture.

John Terry wants to come to MLS, but only if he can get paid lots and lots of money. MLS is smartly telling him that he's vastly overvaluing himself.

Investors claim to be very excited by the prospect of MLS in Detroit, and I'm inclined to believe them.


The Pittsburgh Riverhounds fired Romeo Parkes after receiving a red card AND THEN giving a kick/knee to the small of an opposing player's back.

One team sprung up from scratch just to play in the US Open Cup.

Christian Pulisic really really really wants Justin Bieber tickets. And we really really really want him to find another musician to obsess over.

Even when the Portland Timbers lose Darlington Nagbe embiggens his shining star. The USMNT wants to see more.


Many soccer clubs in Europe also run competitive teams in other sports like basketball and rugby; it appears that Schalke 04 will be the first, however, to purchase a League of Legends team.

Russia has halted construction on one of their 2018 World Cup stadia.

Celtic is opening up safe standing sections for next year.

As an aside, go see Civil War. It's pretty darn good.

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