S2 lose more than a match in Orange County

The Sounders’ USL side traveled to the land of oranges, ska and stadiums named after Anteaters.

The 7 PM match was ugly. It resembled that show with Mischa Barton more than a competition between pro athletes. The plot was your basic three acter. Act 1: The men in Olympic White go up by two. Act 2: Bad stuff happens. Act 3: The men in blue score five unanswered - The END.

The Bearable Parts

Nouhou Tolo is the real deal - The 18 year old from Douala is entirely too strong for USL players. He easily muscles people off the ball and his wide frame makes it hard for players to dribble around. His one on one defending has improved markedly since he arrived; He is rarely beat. Tolo crosses the ball better than any other LB in the Sounders’ system. Seattle may not need to worry about filling the difficult LB spot any time soon.

Mansaray is learning - When he is isolated and receives the ball he no longer attempts to beat the entire defense on his own (he still does it sometimes, but not every time). He has learned to turn his back to goal and wait for some help. Despite the dismal attempt to play Vic as a #10 early this season he appears to be discovering how to create as a CF. It was his excellent pass that set up Andy Craven’s first goal.

He lives - In Andy Craven’s first start in a while he reminded everyone that he is a clinical finisher.

That time before the storm - S2 was dominate it the first 10’ of the second half. They looked a team that could slice any defence open.

The Part that is Problematic

Lyon is not good enough - He can’t distribute. He does not command his box and his wrists are not strong enough to keep out any shots hit with venom.

No Alfaro = No defense - After a decent start the CB pair fell apart in the second half. Plainly put, S2 does not have enough viable CBs to compete in the USL.

The other Fisher - Devon Fisher will never make it to MLS. He doesn’t provide S2 anything special and his spot should be used on young RBs who need development.

Heads were lost - As the 2nd half wore on the players and the coaches lost all composure. The bench berated the fourth official so much the center official had to be called over. The Sounders’ players were less childish but just couldn’t keep their concentration. What was a promising start ended a most embarrassing loss.

The Part where it Turns Out Anakin is Darth Vader

Schweitzer out for blood - Jordan Schweitzer made a tackle that has no place on a football pitch. Annoyed that he didn’t get a call the Everett decided to take his frustration out on one of the Blues’ players. Sprinting at full speed Schweitzer left his feet and obliterated Ajeakwa. The challenge was two-footed with studs up at knee height. If Ajeakwa had a foot in the ground he would have come away with multiple ligament tears at best and could have been looking at an open dislocation or fracture. It was not a foolish or late tackle but rather a retaliation with the intent to injure. As harsh as it is to cut a player based on one moment the Sounders should at least consider that option.

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