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Oalex Anderson fined for ‘simulation’

Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy: Photos
There was definitely contact.
Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

One of the handful of moments that drew the ire of Seattle Sounders fans was an 86th minute play that seemed like it could have been a penalty. Oalex Anderson had rounded the corner on Dave Romney and was in on goal. Granted, it was a tough angle, but it had the makings of a decent chance.

Romney made some contact with Anderson. Anderson went down a little easy. Maybe it was too easy. Major League Soccer certainly thought so, as Anderson was fined an undisclosed amount for simulation. Here’s a replay of the incident:

Whether or not Anderson tried to sell the call a little too hard, it’s still frustrating to see him fined for it. Jordan Morris refused to go down in an earlier incident with goalkeeper Brian Rowe and didn’t get the call. Robbie Keane went down just as easily in the first half, didn’t get the call and wasn’t fined.

There seems to be a bit of a mixed message from MLS here. But, then again, what’s new?

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