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Let's Sounder Together against LA

Matt Oak is a member of ECS. He originally wrote this post on Facebook and we asked him to reproduce it here.

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

I know there is a ton of frustration right now re: everything Sounders, from players to front office to any other damn thing we can think of. I'm with you. I've made the masochistic choice to eat up Sounders content all day long, all year long, every year. A lot of shit sucks. I'll freely admit I've taken some minutes off this season. Consider, though:

Whether or not you agree with the Sigi dismissal (call it what it is), he's not why we're here.

Whether or not you agree with specific player acquisitions, those aren't why we're here.

Whatever issue you choose (there are many) to be mad at the FO about, that's NOT why we're here.

The crest hasn't changed.  The reason we're here hasn't changed.

I'm as frustrated as anyone with the current state of affairs, but THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE. All the years of calling ourselves hot shit don't mean anything if we quit on this thing now.

I hope everyone shows up Sunday to be a fucking Supporters Group. This is a MAJOR turning point in this club's history, and you don't want to be the guy who gave up when we're back winning. We are fucking Pepperidge Farm. We'll remember. And roundly mock you on the internet.

We just snatched up a guy who might be a top-5-in-MLS player.

We have the Sounderest Sounder to ever Sounder coaching us right now.

I truly believe ECS is the best SG in North America.

Any asshole can sing and dance from the top of the mountain. Show you can bring it from the bottom of this godforsaken table.

If you think all this shit we do week in, week out means anything at all, get the fuck hype for Sunday and show the players, our FO, even our own fans, we will drag this shit heap back to the top.

Let's start by fueling whoever the hell is wearing the shirts to a long-odds victory over the assholes from LA.

Get Hype.


Oh, and in case you were wondering if the Sounders noticed, they did.

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