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FIFA 17: New features make career mode more realistic than ever

Be a financial nerd and build a global brand. Or just win.

When EA’s FIFA 17 comes out you'll have Nicolás Lodeiro on the Sounders and will just start blowing out teams 20-0 by doing Lodeiro things. If you want to get past just play now mode, though, there's a handful of new things to get excited about.

If you play Pro Clubs, you get to design your kit and crest. Oh, and specifically there are three kits per club so go make that Rave Green, purple, and mango striped jersey you've always wanted.

Career mode is where the latest batch of improvements are, and the game mode is starting to resemble Franchise mode in Madden NFL. For those of you who are like me, you can be a finance nerd and finally see where your revenue comes from. The game will give you a breakdown of how profitable your club is, what your income sources are and your expenses.

Some of that will be controllable, which will be key as you will now be judged by your performance both on and off the field. Financials, global brand reach, your youth system, and on-the-field success all count now and are ranked differently per club. You may have won UEFA Champions League, La Liga and the Copa del Rey, but only broke even and didn't get new fans in Singapore so Real Madrid has decided to move on. Maybe try Everton.

Other new fun things: J1-League (Japan) is in FIFA 17. There are now three leagues in the Asian Federation as Japan joins South Korea and Australia for this year. I probably will not use a club in the J-League, but I'll definitely buy their best players. Managers in FIFA have always been boring (you get three clothing choices and some skin tones that are fairly nondescript), but this year you'll get to create your own, similar to creating your own player.

So while you watch the Sounders make a playoff run for the ages, get hype because soon you'll have your own manager character that looks like you running the Sounders in career mode, buying up the J1 League, growing the youth academy and making the Sounders a top global brand. Accept the challenge when FIFA 17 is released September 27.

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