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This is a picture of Stefan Frei’s skinny jeans wearing Chad Marshall

Yes, it’s as glorious as you’d imagine.

It’s impossible to know just how much truth there ever was to reports suggesting the Seattle Sounders locker room was in a bit of disarray, but, at the very least, the players seem more comfortable talking about the fun they have now.

Case in point: Herculez Gomez tweeting out a photo of what is apparently a regular tradition of Chad Marshall wearing Stefan Frei’s clothes.

First off, we’re impressed Marshall can even get into these clothes. But beyond that, this looks like he’s standing in front of a funhouse mirror.

I also can’t help but wonder how long it took Marshall to get into those jeans, which look a bit tight in the crotchal region. Frei is probably not going to be happy when he realizes the seams throughout the thighs of these jeans have been busted.

Once again, it’s good to see the players enjoying themselves.

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