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i thank the boys on the pitch

a poem of thanks and praise

A painting of Jordan Morris following the yellow brick road. Bread

i thank the boys on the pitch

for wearing the crest with pride and inspiring me to do the same.

whether it be a game day or a school day, i am proud to put on a jersey and sport the crest over my heart. no matter the result at the end of the game or the shenanigans around the club, i will always be filled with a sense of pride when i pull on anything with the crest that shows our affiliation.

for giving me a second family.

a large, loud, seldom sober family that i can yell and scream and jump and dance with. a family with quirks and issues, but more love than anything else. a family united around one constant: the boys on the pitch.

for creating hope.

when i’m brimming with happiness, you give me hope.
when i’m on the verge of tears, you give me hope.
the hattricks, the headers, the pks, the goal line clearances.

for persevering through the tough times.

a coaching change, one of the worst seasons in club history, mid season signings, and injuries handled with grace.

for the heart that can be felt exuding from the field, no matter where i am.
it can be felt in the 70 yard runs in the 80th minute.
it can be felt in the heated tackles
it can be felt in the goal celebrations
it can be felt when acknowledging the supporters post match
it can be felt from the front row, the 300s, your couch, or your phone.

for sacrificing life and limb

brad got leveled by dom dwyer for this team.
erik got flipped like a gymnast by one the many redheads on RSL (why do they have so many red heads??)
zach scott.

for putting a smile on my face

i see the friendships growing all season on and off the field and i can do nothing but smile.
i see the twitter banter between players and i cant help but laugh (especially during class...)
i see cristian roldan needing to see a few more pictures of jordan morris every day and there i am, sitting in starbucks laughing uncontrollably.

for being sounders.

whatever comes with that label; the good, the bad, and the ugly. the trophies in the cabinet, the playoff runs, the rivalries that go way back. the wins, the losses, the rare draws.
the boys on the pitch are sounders that bleed blue and green, just like you and me.

there’s a reason that people say “once a sounder, always a sounder.” when you can make this much of an impact on someone, it will never fade away.

and for that i say thank you.

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