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This is our Sound - Sounder at Heart’s latest shirt

Shaped like the greatest state in the land, the image on this shirt declares that we will be heard. It also declares that we love Puget Sound.

A shirt stating “This is our Sound” shaped like the State of Washington. Sounder at Heart store

Available in dark gray, sport gray and white, the shirt prices starting at $19.99. A woman’s cut is also available for an additional charge. Shipping and handling are separate fees based on if you want a rush job and the total quantity of shirts purchased.

All of our other shirts are still available from the Sounder at Heart store.

These custom products are printed on demand and generally take 10 business days to produce and ship (unless you select one of the quicker "Speed" options) and another 2-3 days to arrive at its destination. Sorry, no returns or cancellations for custom products after they are printed.

A shirt stating “This is our Sound” shaped like the State of Washington. Sounder at Heart store

Both hay fe, the original, and hay fe, or whatevs are great options for the fan that still believes the club can make the second season.

As always the Ride of the Valkyries themed shirts support that wonderful sub-site. Finish like a Girl and Megan Jalapeno are available in kids sizes too.

There are a variety of hoodies and t-shirts that show you support Sounder at Heart and the clubs that unite us in our passion. They range from $16.19 to $52.99 plus shipping & handling. You may have seen myself and a few other staffers wearing them to games, or basically every single day.

Our most popular shirt is the This is Our Sound hoodie. You can also remember the days of the hydra, or celebrate your yachting lifestyle.

This is our Sound. You will hear us.

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