Orlando of Bust!

Why am I traveling to Orlando in a season our team is struggling to possibly make the playoffs? Why did I purchase my airline tickets the morning after the Sigi going away event at Fuel? Why am I Travel Monkey of 100+ traveling ECS attending the match?

Passion is why. Plain and simple.

This (the Seattle Sounders) is in my blood. I come from a "soccer family" and raised in the Puget Sound area. My first time as a ball boy, 8 years old in 1976 standing on the floor of the Kingdome. Attending soccer camps on Whidbey Island as a kid, I will forever remember "Uncle Nubby". An older brother of mine played with, and against, a guy with the last name "Schmetzer" (I don’t remember him when he was a teenager, but I hear he’s still around these parts). I coached my own children…….. ugh, I could go on and on. But I’m not here to talk about me per se, I’m here to talk about passion.

Passion is why, without hesitation, I renewed my season tickets right after a double gut punch (the SKC match and news of Sigi’s departure). Passion is why, when someone told me they weren’t attending the LAG match on Sunday, I tilted my head a bit and contorted my face as if I took a big swig of lemon habanero juice. Passion is why, in our inaugural visit to Camping World Stadium, you will hear my voice. You will hear OUR voice. "The Wall" will be shown how supporters support. Passion is why, in a season of poor performances, a season with the firing of our first MLS head coach, we will travel from the furthest point (major city) possible in the continental US to ORL and to show them how support is done in the Emerald City. Passion is why.

Get passion.

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