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Sounders vs. Orlando City - Aftermatch Aftermath: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Do we now dare to dream the impossible dream? Do we now have hope?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Sounders won a road game and now our hope for the playoffs is renewed. It's a funny thing, hope. It'll torture you and break your heart, but as long as that carrot dangles ahead of you, we're okay with it. The playoffs are our carrot. Nicolas Lodeiro is our hope. The Sounders are going to make the playoffs*.

*The Sounders might not make the playoffs.

You know, I was going to make a jokey post where I poke fun of Brad Friedel and his awful accent and inability to correctly say players names (which seems like it would be a prerequisite for sports broadcasting), and I was also going to lay into the sure-to-be Emmy Award Winning broadcast that FS1 aired for this game, but I'm just so excited for this new version of the Sounders. We're winning games. We're scoring goals. We're exciting to watch.

I mean, I still can make fun of Brad Friedel. I even made a few mock names to "accidentally" screw up, like Bard Fartle, Chad Strudel, or Bad Fido, he's just such an easy target that it hardly seems fair. Combining his naming issues, he's got that bizarre accent and he doesn't seem to understand the basic premise behind persistent infringement. Sounds like a great choice for national broadcasts!

So anyway, moving on, this Lodeiro chap is quite something, isn't he? Here we are, a few days after Clint Dempsey scores a hat trick and we all have hearts in our eyes over our new Designated Player. I mean, it's all well and good that Jordan Morris could've gotten 4 assists in one game if not for a post, but this team with Lodeiro looks like it could beat anybody. It's a far cry from what we saw the few games preceding his arrival.

Interesting note, Brian Schmetzer hasn't lost while being the interim manager for the MLS Sounders. Granted, it's a small sample size, but I can get used to a team that never loses.

After the first half of the season, the Before Lodeiro era, I was foolishly optimistic about our chances, but I knew that 2017 would be a better year. And now, in this new era, I'm even more bullish about our 2017 season, though I have hope renewed for the now. A path has been laid out before us which paves a possible way into the post-season. Sure, we're not going to win the Supporter's Shield, which is a shame, but we might still be able to hoist a trophy this year.

That might be presumptive of me and overly optimistic, but no single team has separated itself from the reason, except for maybe FC Dallas, who just recently lost their best player. If the Sounders ride out the rest of the season taking 2 Points Per Game, which doesn't seem like an unrealistic ask, we could all find ourselves bundled up in a late-fall parade.

Okay, so yes, I am getting ahead of myself, but this feeling of hope is something that I've not felt for quite some time. But I don't feel as if I'm unjustified in feeling all this hope.

(Everything I GIF) I do it for you

Ugh. Conceding early goals really suck the joy out of games.

Already down a goal? Don't matter. Tyrone Mears to save the day!

Oh Lodeiro.

And just like that, Hat Trick for Dempsey.

It's just so wonderful.

All those tap-ins.

Hats off to Morris for all those assists.

These new fangled Sounders are giving me warm feelings.

Though it's a little different seeing Valdez make those runs instead of Morris.

Oh man, Valdez. Unlucky break.

Wait, you had a winning streak Orlando? Sorry to come into your house and wreck it.

So many quality shots. That netting must be testing its tensile strength.

Slow start to the season but we're making progress to the playoffs.

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