Clint Dempsey's Heart Condition: A Doctor's Follow Up

I am the doctor who wrote the conjecture posted by my friend earlier under the title "Clint Dempsey's Heart Condition: A Doctor's Conjecture." To reiterate, I have no direct knowledge of Clint's medical care or condition. That said, I have a few follow up thoughts in light of the additional information that came out Wednesday afternoon. At the end of that article I proposed two scenarios for what might be going on. Here's the link if you haven't read that part.

Clint Dempsey’s Heart Condition: A Doctor’s Conjecture

Garth Lagerwey only said, "he's had a procedure to address some of the issues associated with that." Almost certainly this procedure was an ablation (electrically isolating the area responsible for the abnormal signals), and the fact that he is cleared to practice suggests that he falls into scenario A. Post-procedure there is usually a 2-4 week observation period of monitoring and gradual increase in exertion, and if the abnormal heartbeat does not recur then the athlete is given full clearance. However, he could have had an ablation as part of scenario B, but due to the propensity for recurrence of those types of rhythms they usually involve a longer timeline of monitoring (4-6 weeks) before clearance.

If my conjecture is correct, then the earliest the Sounders would even consider putting him on the pitch would be two weeks after he was cleared to return to practice (Sep 13) which would put him at the 27th for a return. It's possible he was cleared earlier in the week and might be given the green light just in time for LA on the 25th, but I doubt it. I don't bet on medical care, but if I did then I would lay odds that the Sounders wait to see the results from the next two matches and our playoff chances. If our prospects have returned to the pre-Lodeiro dark days, then I doubt they bother to bring him back and take any chances at all. If we win the next two matches against Vancouver and LA, then Chicago on the 28th would be a possibility (perhaps bringing him on at 70' or so), and then put him back in the starting 11.

Like I said in the other article, as both a physician and a fan, I wish him the best of health, as I know we all do.

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