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Cristian Roldan, Roman Torres tried to teach Jordan Morris to dance

It was every bit as awkward as you’re probably imagining.

Jordan Morris is turning into a great soccer player right before our very eyes. The talented, but sometimes timid striker has blossomed into an aggressive scorer, capable of bending matches to his will.

Morris turned in another standout performance on Wednesday — even though he didn’t score — but that confidence does not reach onto the dance floor. Watch:

As anyone who’s been pulled onto the dance floor against their will can attest, Morris is in an awkward position here. He clearly wants to be a good sport, and Cristian Roldan and Roman Torres are doing their best to bring out his inner John Travolta (seriously kids, he was once known as an amazing dancer), but it’s probably a bridge too far.

The good news is that this appears to be a new post-victory tradition — just as we suggested after the last win — as Brian Schmetzer gets the party started with the perfect line “now it’s time to dance.” That means Morris will hopefully get plenty of opportunity to improve his routine. For that, we can all be thankful.

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