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Major Link Soccer: Lauren Holiday to get brain surgery

Alex Morgan is chased by a fan, and Neymar is caught by another.

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The University of Washington men's team has come back to .500 with a 4-2 victory over Oral Roberts. The women started their invitational tournament 3-0 over Cal Poly, and today will face off with Seattle University.

Alex Roldan's sole goal for Seattle U's mens team wasn't enough to defend the nation's 16th-ranked team from Gonzaga University, in a 4-2 loss.


The Oregonian's piece on the top soccer city in the United States really got in the craw of one MLS market's fanbase, but Nutmeg News knows how to make everyone happy.

Don't take these odds to Vegas, but Soccer Stadium Digest is putting betting numbers on the likelihood of several markets getting MLS teams.

Red Bulls II defender Konrad Plewa returned to the pitch this weekend after suffering a stroke in late July.


"The week that was" was a crazy one for the NWSL. Worst of the news was word that Lauren Holiday is having brain surgery to remove an operable brain tumor. Her husband Jrue will miss the beginning of the New Orleans Pelican's season in the NBA to take care of her and their fast-arriving baby.

A pitch invader in Orlando interrupted a game in an attempt to get Alex Morgan's autograph. Pro tip to the new NWSL fan, but you probably shouldn't wear the opposing team's jersey if you want a player to sign it. (Also, just in case it needs to be said, try a team-sponsored signing event rather than, you know, a game.)

Once a Metro put together with former Seattle Reign reserve keeper Caroline Stanley, who talked about her time in Seattle (among other things) in the young player's quest to carve out a living in professional soccer.


Franz Beckenbauer was once known as one of the greatest German soccer players who ever lived. Now though, his legacy may be "that guy who laundered a bunch of money to get the 2006 World Cup".

Modern security theater failed to protect the only people they're there to keep safe: the players, like Brazil's Neymar. Don't worry, our mononymed (sic) friend is fine.

The Presidency is fine and all, but the real glass ceiling will be shattered when women can just be fans of their favorite football teams without having to buy low-cut jerseys and entertaining questions like "oh, is your husband a fan?"

One Puerto Rico FC player was trying to defend, but in short order wished he had worn more protection.

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