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OFF: I will not be the Rogue One any longer

I’m finally watching the Star Wars films, starting with Rogue One.

Today is the day. No, not the MLS SuperDraft, (actually that is today, too,) but something more important. Well, to most people, at least. I will be going to a movie theater and watching Rogue One. As some of you may recall, last year I asked for suggestions on what movie series to watch, seeing as I’ve viewed almost zero relevant movies for pop culture purposes. Well, it is finally time for me to start watching the Star Wars franchise.

After a long discussion, SaH has decided I should watch Rogue One in theaters before anything else in the franchise. See how I like the movie. From there, I will watch Star Wars in release order (unless people change their minds and move it back to 4-5-1-2-3-6). I plan to binge the movies over the weekend and Monday while mixing in soccer and NFL playoff matches.

So, now that I am finally jumping in and starting to go through pop culture movies that apparently matter ... I will not tweet from the theater, (that’s bad form,) but while I watch the Blu Rays that Andrew so nicely lent to me I will live tweet my Star Wars immersion. Maybe one day I’ll go to George Lucas’ museum when it opens in LA after watching the Sounders beat the Galaxy at StubHub.

Let me know what movie franchise I should watch next. With your luck, it’ll be selected and I’ll watch it in 12 months.

Now, without spoiling Rogue One or any other movie, (maybe I’ll avoid the comments until after I watch all the movies,) what Star Wars film is the best?

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