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Major Link Soccer: Minnesota United FC hits its Target

Biomechnical injury issues at Real Madrid and a shiny new jersey sponsor for the Minnesota expansion side.

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Minnesota United has not looked as promising with their roster as Atlanta United, but the Western expansion side set high targets as a franchise grabbing a massive local sponsor (hint its logo is a red target).

The LA Galaxy made one of the worst kept secrets in MLS official, inking Jermaine Jones to a new MLS deal. Unlike his last one, he'll be a TAM player instead of a DP which allows the Galaxy to sign more aging has-beens stars.

LAFC has tried to do everything they can to hit the ground running when they hit MLS next year. It turns out that includes a fully built academy, at every level, by the time they play their first MLS match in 2018.

Steve Nash is known around MLS now as owning the Vancouver Whitecaps, but it's his legacy with the Phoenix Suns that is being tied to the New York Red BullsFans are starting to connect the regular season success and playoff failures of Mike D'Antoni's Steve Nash led Suns and the Red Bulls.

Your favorite former MLS player has some thoughts about how to keep the league popular among fans and you likely will not care for them. Robbie Keane thinks that players like himself, Gerrard, and Lampard leaving the league and being replaced with young stars, with less name notoriety, is harming the league. I'll let you decide...

Need a quick rundown of how the MLS winter transfer window works? Well, great news, because MLS has one!


Seattle legend Edgar Martinez was up for the MLB Hall of Fame and missed by 73 votes. Thankfully, he's still got time to convince 73 voters to come to his side in 2018.

North Bend, the place you stop for coffee before heading to Snoqualmie Pass, is not going to finish the new indoor-outdoor athletic complex on time for spring sports but they do plan to have it ready for fall. Otherwise Mount Si will just have to move their games...again.

BC has long waited for their own domestic semi-pro league, similar to the PDL and League1 Ontario, to come to fruition. While some PDL teams have called it home, the province will finally have the domestic league it has desired as BC Soccer Regional Tier 3 League is ready to begin play.

US Soccer

Tim Howard believes the US started to lose their fighting spirit under Klinsmann. The Colorado goalkeeper felt he become stagnant and that it happens to all national team managers. Howard even suggested something akin to term limits with coaches, though that wouldn't explain the energized feeling the team has under Bruce Arena take two.

Yesterday we heard about Dom Dwyer's plans to play for the USMNT; Stars and Stripes FC takes a look at whether the team should give him a look at the Gold Cup

If you ever felt that the Nike and US Soccer have put out some bad gear,just wait till you see some of the newest t-shirts. They take bad to a new level.

Global Soccer

Qatar has heard your human rights complaints and decided to answer by replacing their labor law. Word on the street is that the law is basically the old one, but new.

If you thought Copa America Centanario was the last time the US would host a major CONCACAF-CONEMBOL mash up tournament, think again. There are talks about a potential Pan-American tournament to be played every four years. People seem to think that it would make money, and few things follow money like soccer federations. No matter what, it would be cool to play meaningful matches against the likes of Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia every four years outside of the World Cup.

RSL striker Yura Movsisyan thinks that the best World Cup is yet to come. No, he doesn't think the potential tri-host idea with the USA, Mexico, and Canada is it, but that Russia in 2018 will be the best ever (so far).

Ever get annoyed with the Sounders level of hamstring injuries? Real Madrid is having similar issues with Bale and James having their same muscle and joint injuries return. Biomechanical reasons might be to blame in their instances, specifically the footwear that James chooses.

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