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Brian Schmetzer is here to give you chills

Hype video will get you ready to run through walls.

It’s a letter about our team, our history. It captures our worldly nature and our local heroes. This letter from Seattle Sounders FC Coach Brian Schmetzer to you is a promise of effort and grit and fight.

It is a pledge that this team operates together, and that we are a part of that togetherness. We are the club.

Schmetzer welcomes the playoff race proclaiming that his team is “built to defend, together.”

I’ll stop writing. Just watch, watch again, and again and again, and then show your friends. Then come back, and read some more.

This letter, with the accompanying video, is wholly and truly Brian Schmetzer. His values come through as readily as anything he has ever said. These are words he believes. This is marketing by truth-telling. The hype is stronger because it is real.

“The club is the special relationship between the players and the fans.”

Brian did not say those specific words in this video. He did not need to do so. The entire letter-video oozes his catch-phrase. He thinks that every player, every coach, at every level, and every fan is a part of this thing.

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