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Sounders added about $1.5 million to payroll over course of season

Victor Rodriguez becomes Sounders’ fourth millionaire on roster.

Max Aquino / Sounder at Heart

The final salary numbers are now in, and the Seattle Sounders will end the year spending about 5 percent less than they were at this time in 2016. Over the course of the year, they’ve added about $1.5 million in annual commitments, the bulk of which will go to Victor Rodriguez (about $1.1 million) and Kelvin Leerdam (about $455,000). The Sounders used Targeted Allocation Money to pay down the cap hit on both players and these figures represent what they’d make if they were here for the entire season.

As usual, it should be said that these figures from the MLS Players Union are hardly definitive and it’s entirely possible that players are getting compensation in forms that don’t show up in this database. It also doesn’t include things like transfer fees, to speak nothing of what the team might be spending on the Academy or S2. In the case of someone like Gustav Svensson, it also doesn’t include what he’s still being paid by his former club. Still, it’s what we have in terms of publicly available data.

As it is now, the Sounders’ payroll ($11.8 million) ranks sixth in MLS, just ahead of the Portland Timbers ($11.4 million). They are spending about half as much as Toronto FC ($22.6 million), which is about $4 million than anyone else in the league (New York City FC at $18.1 million) and $8 million more than the team spending the third most (Orlando City SC at $14.6 million).

Sounders 2017 salaries

Last Name, first name Position 2017 guaranteed comp 2016 guarantted comp change
Last Name, first name Position 2017 guaranteed comp 2016 guarantted comp change
Full team $11,327,557.27 $12,445,315.02 -8.98%
* - signifies 2016 salary was not with Sounders
Adekoya, Seyi F $53,004.00 n/a n/a
Alfaro, Tony D $54,075.00 $51,500.00 5.00%
Alonso, Osvaldo M $1,141,667.00 $941,667.00 21.24%
Bruin, Will* F $326,666.67 $311,666.67 4.81%
Delem, Jordy M $53,004.00 n/a n/a
Dempsey, Clint F $3,892,933.50 $4,605,941.50 -15.48%
Evans, Brad D-M $338,501.25 $315,166.25 7.40%
Fisher, Oniel M-D $65,625.00 $62,500.00 5.00%
Frei, Stefan GK $256,250.00 $206,250.00 24.24%
Jones, Joevin D $96,166.67 $76,166.67 26.26%
Kovar, Aaron M $66,350.00 $63,200.00 4.98%
Leerdam, Kelvin D $455,640.00 n/a n/a
Lodeiro, Nicolas M $1,743,428.57 $1,743,428.52 0.00%
Mallace, Callum* D-M $131,250.00 $116,250.00 12.90%
Mansaray, Victor F $69,125.00 $66,000.00 4.73%
Marshall, Chad D $366,250.00 $341,250.00 7.33%
Mathers, Zach M $53,004.00 n/a n/a
Meredith, Bryan* GK $66,150.00 $63,000.00 5.00%
Miller, Tyler GK $65,633.40 $62,508.00 5.00%
Morris, Jordan F $237,500.00 $190,500.00 24.67%
Neagle, Lamar M-F $202,833.33 $187,833.33 7.99%
Rodriguez, Victor M $1,087,499.96 n/a n/a
Roldan, Cristian M $137,000.00 $117,000.00 17.09%
Shipp, Harrison* M $144,999.96 $129,500.00 11.97%
Svensson, Gustav M $170,000.04 n/a n/a
Tolo, Nohou D $52,999.92 n/a n/a
Torres, Roman D $508,812.50 $491,812.50 3.46%
Wingo, Henry D-M $53,004.00 n/a n/a
MLS Players Union

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