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Major Link Soccer: Hope Solo comes forward about sexual assault by Sepp Blatter in 2013

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Plus, the link between heading the ball and dementia continues to be investigated, and more.

FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2012 Photo by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

Major League Soccer

Matt Doyle looked at one big question for each of the remaining MLS playoff teams. For Seattle: will they be able to get penetration through the midfield?

Jeff Carlisle assessed the long-shot MLS expansion candidates in the conclusion of a two-part series.

Not on Carlisle’s list: David Beckham’s Miami bid, which according to the BBC is set to be approved by the league in the coming months.

United States

Hope Solo has come forward about Sepp Blatter inappropriately touching her during the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or ceremony.

Many are advocating for the USMNT to tear it all down, but acting manager Dave Sarachan disagrees with that strategy.

Canada’s hard fought draw against the USWNT earlier this week shows how the team is trending positively.

Two marines from two different eras of war reflected on Veteran’s Day, and the significance of the National Anthem.


The pressure is being dialed up for Italy and their World Cup qualifying efforts, and after their recent loss to Sweden, manager Gian Piero Ventura might be on the hot seat.

Alan Shearer has spent more than a year documenting his research on whether headers have a connection to dementia, something he believes more soccer communities need to be aware of.