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Marco Pappa scored one of the longest goals you’ll ever see

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The former Sounders puts one in from about 70 yards out.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his departure, Marco Pappa was one of the more entertaining players to ever suit up for the Seattle Sounders. He wasn’t always effective, but he would often just try things few others would even think of.

Well, that attitude was very much on display on Sunday. Now playing for Guatemala’s CSD Municipal, Pappa unleashed a shot from well beyond midfield. This is what happened:

Municipal’s field is listed at about 115 yards long. Pappa’s shot is about 12 yards behind the midfield stripe. Put it together and that’s nearly 70 yards.

Pappa’s career may not be quite what it seemed destined to be, but there should be no doubt that he’s got talent and chutzpah to spare.